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Savoia 2014
Savoia is a blend of three wines: Nebbiolo (50%), Barbera (25%) and Syrah (25%

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Savoia is a purely Palmina wine first released in 2002. Steve Clifton felt that these three varietals— Nebbiolo, Barbera and Syrah — would interact deliciously together and was confident enough in the blend that he has never changed the percentages. Since the parts of the blend never change, the flavor profile of the wine is vintage driven (as opposed to a stylistic blend that changes year to year) and represents that year's climate conditions in Santa Barbara County.

Savoia is a blend of three wines: Nebbiolo (50%), Barbera (25%) and Syrah (25%). The Nebbiolo creates structure, tannins and savory aromatics, the Syrah adds fruit and fleshiness and the Barbera helps loosen the tannins and lengthen the finish.


Tasting Notes
Fresh grated mace and cinnamon on the nose with notes of dried black mission figs, clean mint, white pepper, lavender, leather, and hints of baking spice. Black mission fig continues on the palate along with bay leaf, Herbes de Provence, game meat, and a mild milk chocolate finish. The Barbera seems to dominate the flavors this vintage with lush fruit and mouth-watering acidity; the Nebbiolo adds to the texture and aroma; and the Syrah provides weight and mouth-feel in the mid-palate.


Food Pairing Notes
This wine pairs well with veal and chicken, as well as pork loin stuffed with figs, Cassoulet and other classic Rhone dishes.

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