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1L Sangiovese 2017

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Perhaps the quintessential Italian food wine, Sangiovese is famously characterized by red and white checkered table cloths, little piazza trattorias and wines from the Tuscany region that range from rustica to sophisticated. This Italian ambassador can trace its roots back to Roman times in Italy and indeed was the vine of choice, cherished and transferred by immigrants to California in the 1800’s.


Tasting Notes
This year's Sangiovese is darker than some; notes of black cherries upon opening. Kalamata olives, fresh porcini mushrooms, capers and bright fruit linger on the palate, the wine finishes with a hint of anise and velvety tannins.


Food Pairing Notes
This wine is delicious with many Italian classics such as Chicken Cacciatore and Ragu Bolognese, as well as grilled steak and pizzas.

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