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REA IV Bianco 2018

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Palmina is named in honor of Steve’s great friend Paula whose maiden name was Rea. Therefore, the release of Rea IV wines, each a blend of four varietals, pays tribute to Palmina's heritage — a cross culture of her Italian roots and American upbringing. The blend truly has no rules and is a pure reflection of Steve's passion for the craft. As he puts it "I'm ready to make personal statements and not just vineyard statements" and the release of Rea IV is just that.

A blend of four varietals, the grapes are grown in Santa Barbara County and come together to produce a wine of extraordinary harmony and balance.


Tasting Notes
A steely, straw-like color invites a swirl, which unleashes a delicate and floral nose of honey, pear, and citrus white flower. The first sip rewards the palate with flavors of honey, lemongrass, vanilla, and a caramelized texture. The wine finishes with bright acidity and lingering salinity.


Food Pairing Notes
2018 Rea IV pairs deliciously with pesto based dishes, white sauce pastas, chicken picatta, shrimp and seared scallops.

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