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Paola Red

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Palmina is named in honor of Steve’s great friend. Like a grandmother to him, she taught Steve to love cooking, wine and the Italian lifestyle and was a spark in his life.

Paola was Palmina’s Americanized name. She was far more interested in having a good glass of wine each night,(or 2) than having something expensive of “fancy”...

The wines made under our Paola label are made in that same tradition. Blending varietals and even vintages to produce something that is easy to drink on a Tuesday night, good enough to share with friends and easy enough on the pocketbook to do it often!


Tasting Notes
The nose lures with an earthy, musky note that leads immediately to bright red fruit. Plums and berries mingle with mentholated herb aromas of mint and rosemary. As the wine opens, orange zest and darker flavors of porcini emerge from behind the fruit. the wine finishes with ample acidity and a grip of tannin that leaves one hungry.


Food Pairing Notes
The tannins of the Nebbiolo mesh wonderfully with the bright acidity of Barbera creating a very food friendly wine. Pair Paola with everything… from a hearty tomato pasta dish, to burgers, pizza or steak.

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