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Nebbiolo Rocca 2012

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Nebbiolo is known by most as Barolo and Barbaresco, the famous appellations in Piemonte where they are grown. There, fog blankets the area every morning during harvest. This fog, or nebbia in Italian, led to the indigenous grape’s name — Nebbiolo.
The grape is as puzzling as it is beautiful. When young, the wine takes on an orangish hue, making it appear aged. The aromas are described as everything from tar to roses and the palate is full of grippy tannins and acidity which allows the best Nebbiolos to age for decades.


Tasting Notes
The wine is showy and aromatic upon opening as aromas of orange peel and rose petals shine through. The bouquet carries through to the palate with notes of ginger, cinnamon, and rosemary. While the wine is still very grippy and tannic, the flavors evolve beautifully in the glass.


Food Pairing Notes
The wine is rich with tannins, acidity, and voluptuous fruit making it an ideal pairing for grilled meats such as lamb, ribeye or heartier dishes like braised short ribs or oven-roasted pork.

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