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Alisos 2014
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In 1995, Steve Clifton launched Palmina with what was intended to be his first and only wine: Alisos. Alisos is a purely Palmina wine in that it was not modeled after any other Italian blend. While many super Tuscans are Sangiovese and Merlot based, Alisos is unique in that it has the addition of appassimento Sangiovese. Appassimento is a labor-intensive process originating in the Veneto region of Italy which involves the drying of fruit prior to fermentation. While a very small amount of appassimento Sangiovese is added (5%), it gives the wine unique richness and depth.

Our 20th vintage of Alisos, the 2014 is reminiscent of the 2008 vintage; a leaner wine, with more red fruit than black fruit on the nose and palate, while retaining its characteristic classic, tannic grip. Over the years, Alisos has developed its own distinctive aroma and mouthfeel of dried cherry and fig; a “now, that’s Alisos” character!


Tasting Notes
Aromas of dried cherry, orange peel and wild strawberry. The appassimento adds just a touch of black strap molasses and black plum skin on the mid-palate, taming the wild red fruit with a glossy, bright and acidic finish. The 2014 Alisos bears Steve’s unmistakable signature.


Food Pairing Notes
The 2014 Alisos pairs well with many classic Italian dishes such as Chicken Saltimbocca and Cacciatore, as well as lighter pork dishes. Also try with olives, tomato-based pasta, roasted/smoked meats and game, chicken in wine sauce, pizza or your favorite charcuterie board.

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