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Alisos 2009

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This 2009 Alisos is a multi-dimensional wine, layering in the two grape varietals, the essence of the Alisos Vineyard and the skill of winemaker/owner Steve Clifton. Sangiovese for high toned fruit notes and bright acidity. Merlot for mid-palate fruit notes and structure to make the wine seamless. And “appassimento” Sangiovese to achieve balance and harmony.

This is the most labor intensive of all Palmina wines. Sangiovese and Merlot are vinified to dryness and barreled separately. A portion of the Sangiovese grapes are then placed on drying racks, surrounded by drying fans and encouraged to dehydrate to beautiful raisins over a period of about 100 days. Rehydrated in the new year and fermented until dry, this nectar is then barrel aged for six months. The three components are then blended and returned as a cuvée to marry in barrel before being bottled. Additional months of bottle aging ensure that the released wine is ready to enhance a meal, stimulate a conversation and appease the most discriminating palate.


Tasting Notes
2009 Alisos boasts a deep ruby color with glints of intriguing crimson shining through in the beautiful clarity of the wine. A swirl releases a bouquet of pomegranates, tea leaf, and cherry cola at first, followed by wafts of dried plum, high-note red currant, and garden herbs. A sip confirms the nose, but is additionally rewarded by a smooth and silky texture as Alisos glides across the palate, leaving remembrances of dried raspberry and cherry from the Sangiovese, earthy and meaty dark notes from the Merlot and bouquet garni nuances from the apassimento Sangiovese. The lively acidity, barrel aged tannins and layered structure allow the soft fruits to show through in this superbly balanced wine. As with all Palmina wines, set the table, pull up a chair, pour the wine and enjoy the harmony of Alisos and your favorite meal!


Food Pairing Notes
Alisos really shows itself off when paired with hearty food such as grilled pork chops with braised fennel or mushroom ravioli.

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