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Alisos 2005
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Alisos is a Tuscan-style red wine that uses labor-intensive Veneto winemaking techniques to produce a wine that is uniquely “Palmina”. This is the tenth vintage of this blend, and the intent has always been one of extreme focus – a stylistic wine of concentration and structure. The harmonious blend is really made up of of Sangiovese (70%) and Merlot (30%). 15% of the Sangiovese was processed to be appassiemento Sangiovese (15%).

The wine is crafted over many months, and is the most labor intensive of all wines produced by Palmina. The Sangiovese is picked about a week earlier to preserve the natural acidity. About 15% of the fruit is placed on traditional drying racks in the vineyard, where they are air dried for 100 days; this winemaking method is called appassiemento, and provides a unique component for the blend. This “drying of the grapes” is most famously known in the Amarone wines of the Veneto. The balance of the Sangiovese and the Merlot are then fermented separately in small, open top bins and then pressed and placed into neutral oak barrels. In the New Year, the dried grapes are re-hydrated with one barrel of the Sangiovese and then fermented until dry. All three components of the blend (Merlot, Sangiovese and appassiemento Sangiovese) then age in barrel for an additional six months before being blended into the stylistic and alluring Alisos


Tasting Notes
Layers of intriguing aromas, flavors and texture are the hallmark of this wine. A dark ruby color invites you to the glass, and a swirl unleashes aromas of grated fresh nutmeg along with hints of hay bale and spice. High-tone notes are provided by the Sangiovese, with the Merlot adding structure and a dark base, all brought together on the mid-palate by the dried Sangiovese. Layers of lavender, violets, dark cherry and black plums are joined by a pleasing prunish note and hints of fresh Mexican bread on the palate. Elegant tannins are represented by a suggestion of baker’s chocolate on the lingering, persistent finish.


Food Pairing Notes
Alisos really shows itself off when paired with hearty food such as grilled pork chops with braised fennel or mushroom ravioli.

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