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Undici 2008
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The journey from grape to glass must be done patiently and carefully. Hand harvested and all destemmed, 1/3 of the grapes were co-fermented with small amounts of Malvasia Bianca to extract even more color, spice and goodness from the Sangiovese skins. After fermentation was complete, the young wines were placed into a combination of Gamba (an Italian cooper, but french oak) and neutral french oak barrels to age under careful supervision for thirty months to allow the wine to integrate and evolve, with lively acids and textural tannins marrying with delicate fruit notes. 


Tasting Notes
A deeper, more brooding ruby color gives the first evidence that this is going to be a substantial wine. Primary aromas of rich Bavarian milk chocolate give way to dark essence of black cherry and wild blackberries. Interwoven is an exhilarating lift of subtle pine needles and rosemary, not obvious, yet just present enough to lift the aromas and lighten the otherwise dark platform. On the palate the fruit profile delivers what the nose promises with dark berry flavors intriguingly supported by notes of black tea and dark plum skin. Definitely an Undici.


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