Cortese 2014
Cortese 2014
Cascina Cortese, Santa Ynez Valley
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Cortese has been grown throughout southeastern Piedmont since the 17th century and is the exclusive variety found in Cortese de Gavi — also known as just Gavi. The grape shares similar characteristics with Sauvignon Blanc but is in no way related. The wines tend to be deeper than most white wines but with bracing acidity

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
The aromatics in this wine are like no other in the Palmina lineup with subtle aromas of citrus, yellow stone fruits, green apples and hazelnuts. Vibrantly dry, fruity, and graceful with refreshing minerality.
Food Pairing Notes
In Gavi, Cortese is known for pairing deliciously with seafood from nearby Genoa. The wine's vibrant citrus and nutty qualities make it a perfect match with scallops, shrimp and other fresh shellfish. Adding lemon to the dish brings out the wine's broader qualities.