La Voix Rebel Rebel Pinot Noir 2019
La Voix Rebel Rebel Pinot Noir 2019
Pinot Noir, Quinta Del Mar Vineyard
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Inspired by the colorful and eccentric personal style of David Bowie, the artwork for "Rebel Rebel" blends together an abstract representation of the fermentation process in winemaking with the ambiguous, dreamlike spirit of Bowie's persona.

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Tasting Notes
Savory “umami” notes mingle with a strong presence of black plum. A pleasant breeze of wild sage and anise follow. There’s a seductive musky nature to the aromas of this wine. Baked black cherry wrestles with raspberry and tea whispers. On the palate, black and Damsum plum flavors build upon an earthy porcini mushroom foundation that confirms the “umami” aromas. The finish lingers long with refreshing tart cleanness.
Food Pairing Notes
Duck comes to mind first. Perfect with hearty meat dishes and game. Eggplant dishes such as ratatouille and mushroom pastas.