Autunno, NV
Autunno, NV
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Autunno was crafted with no rules and is a pure reflection of Steve's passion for the craft of winemaking, exploring and experimenting. As he puts it, "I'm ready to make personal statements and not just vineyard statements" and the release of Autunno reflects that attitude. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

A blend of four different varietals, the aroma and taste of Autunno capture the essence of the fall season. Steve wanted to make a wine to celebrate the end of harvest, the change in season, a wine to share with friends & family alongside holiday turkey or your favorite fall comfort food. While still light-bodied, Autunno is the “red wine lovers white wine” as the varietals come together with a solid backbone of tannin and minerality.

Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Autunno is the color of golden straw in the glass. On the nose, the wine is electric, with a sensory rush of white flowers, blood orange, passion fruit, guava and petrol. The wine exhibits an Autumnal aroma, begging for pairing with holiday turkey. On the palate, further flavors of brown butter and white Mexican sage develop into a finishing notes of key lime pie and lemon squares. On the back-end, the wine finishes with a balance of minerality and acidity.
Food Pairing Notes
Serve Autunno with your favorite brunch menu! Think eggs, pancakes…or better yet, chicken & waffles! Will also hold up to fish and poultry as well as pork dishes and any favorites you might pair with a lighter red wine.