Vermentino 2020
Vermentino 2020
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Vermentino is widely planted in Sardinia along with other parts of Italy, including Piemonte where it is known as Favorita

This wine is closer in style to the Sardinian Vermentinos, with pronounced minerality due to its maritime influence as well as its barrel fermentation. The unique location of Santa Barbara County, which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on its south and west coasts, has a direct effect on the soils and weather in our area. For millennia, the entire area lay under the ocean until geological shifts lifted the seabed, leaving behind the sandy soils where our grapes grow today. Combined with the ocean breezes coming from the west, our growing area has the maritime influence, like in Sardinia, giving the wine a sea-salt brine-like quality.

Our 2020 Vermentino comes from 27 Vines Vineyard (formally Sogno del Fiore Vineyard) in the Los Olivos District.


Wine Specs
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Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
A subtle, cooling nose of mint gives way to a salty sea breeze salinity. The body is somewhat oily like Pinot Blanc but with refreshing brightness and acidity. Flavors of Bosc pear and lime zest with a touch of green tea underneath.
Food Pairing Notes
The brininess, aromatics and body of this wine make for a perfect pairing with seafood and shellfish. Try with ceviche and any grilled whitefish; it's also a perfect patio sipper.