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Steve Clifton
May 23, 2022 | Steve Clifton

Summer of 2022 - Announcement of New Project

After a beautiful Spring, one can start to feel the first glimpses of Summer around the corner. The light is coming in through the morning window a bit earlier and the sun is lingering longer in the evening. I for one must say that I’m very happy to do away with daylight savings and live fully in the seasonal cycles. Through the seasons, especially on the vineyard, its so easy to watch the natural rhythm that defines the year. The dormant, pruned vines of winter give way to Springs bud break and first growth. Once the frost dangers have passed, Summer brings bursts of growth and flowering, which leads to fruit set. Before you know it, it is harvest time again! So many things have been “different” over the past few years. It gives me great confidence to watch a process that is unwavering and that continues on year after year. Throughout the 28 vintages of Palmina, there have been so many changes. Friends have been made, friends have been lost, children have grown and more children born. Throughout all of it, we at Palmina have strove to create a table abundant with hearty food, great wine and wonderful friendship to celebrate all the things we all call “life.” It is with great pride and excitement that I introduce the next chapter of our Palmina story. We are happy to announce that Palmina will officially merge with a new venture headed by our dear friends Demetri (Jimmy) and Karen Loizides to move our production and sales to a vineyard and winery located in Buellton, California. Jimmy and Karen are the force behind the renovation and success of the local favorite “Maverick Saloon”, “K Syrah Catering and Events” as well as the amazing Solvang Steak House “Sear” They have purchased the former Mosby Vineyard and Winery and have re-christened it as “Vega Vineyard and Farm”. The property is steeped in California history as it was originally the Rancho de la Vega established in the mid 1800s. The vineyard is planted exclusively to Italian varietals, allowing us to continue our proud traditions. We will continue to farm our existing Palmina vineyards as well. We will be growing organic vegetables and selling them at our Farm Stand on the property and will incorporate animals to feed and visit and will be offering wonderful food in the future. It is truly a dream come true to move our winegrowing and events to such an idyllic place. We are in the process of planning some truly amazing events this coming year and you will be the first to know about them. We are so grateful for your support over all these years and want you to know that your continued participation has only become more valuable. Let’s return to the grand dinners and festive parties we have enjoyed at Palmina over the last 3 decades. I want to personally invite all of you to continue to be a part of the family that we have created over the years as we move into a bigger and brighter future. Grazie Mille, Steve Clifton  Continue »

Steve Clifton
December 10, 2019 | Steve Clifton

Celebrating our 25th Harvest

A letter from Steve that was included with the Winter 2019 wine club shipment  Continue »

Steve Clifton
May 9, 2017 | Steve Clifton

Food & Wine Pairing of the Month

Grilled Lambchops with Fennel & Radicchio  Continue »

Cathy Baer
March 20, 2017 | Cathy Baer

Food & Wine Pairing of the Month

Cortese Steamed Mussles  Continue »

Steve Clifton
November 8, 2016 | Steve Clifton

Feeling Thankful

November if for Nebbiolo!  Continue »

November 24, 2015 |

Palmina Thanksgiving Menu

Still looking for those special dishes to make this Thanksgiving the best one yet? We have a beautiful California-style lineup set to send your tongue into mouthwatering overdrive. As O. Henry noted, “There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving day is the one day that is truly American.” Hear, hear! In that spirit, we encourage you to shop American, and even local in your meats, produce and wines. Pick one, pick them all, you are sure to impress your guests with these delicious Steve Clifton made and tested recipes...  Continue »

November 19, 2015 |

Happy Nebbiolo Month!

Every year here at Palmina we celebrate our favorite noble grape of Italy, the notoriously testy but undoubtedly lovable Nebbiolo. Exhibiting a stunning range of flavor profiles, from a powerful, muscular king to a sophisticated, elegant queen, Nebbiolo can stop even the most seasoned wine drinker in their tracks. It’s both cerebral and visceral at the same time, one to contemplate and one to wildly enjoy.  Continue »

November 13, 2015 |

Early Harvests Hit California in 2015

The unseasonably early harvest of 2015 was a shock to the California wine industry. When the grapes started coming in July, you could hear the tires screech all over the state. Was it the heat and global warming? The drought? The natural cycle? I sat down with Palmina owner and winemaker Chrystal Clifton for some first-hand answers...  Continue »