Santa Barbara County features a unique transverse mountain range, running from east to west that funnels oceanic influence into the valleys.  Morning maritime fog rolls in slowly and finally meets the warm desert air flowing from the east and the Los Padres National Forest. This climatic result is very similar to what happens in the regions of Piemonte and Friuli, except that the elements are reversed. There, the Alps send extremely cold mountain air down into the hills as the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas create a warming air that comes into the hills and valleys.  In either case, this unique "push-pull" of warm and cool, combined with oceanic influence sets the stage for optimal growing conditions for select Italian wine grapes.  Santa Barbara County enjoys the longest growing season in California, making Palmina's harvest season stretch from August (crisp whites like Pinot Grigio and Tocai Friulano) through November (rich reds such as Lagrein and Nebbiolo).

Palmina is very fortunate to work with some great vineyards throughout the county: