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Tocai Friulano 2014

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Tocai Friulano is a grape variety most famous for its role in the white wines of Friuli, northeastern Italy, where it has been cultivated since the early 1600s. In Italy, the grape was historically known as Tocai or Tocai Friulano for centuries.

The grape has no known relation to any of the grapes used in the Hungarian wine Tokaji, even though evidence suggests that following the wedding of the Venetian princess Aurora Formentini and the Hungarian Count Batthujany in 1632.

Tocai Friulano is a lively and fruit-driven wine with notes of citrus and almond, and often a touch of minerality. In the vineyard, Tocai Friulano ripens early, its thin skins make it susceptible to various forms of rot and mildew, although it is often picked early enough in the season that danger is avoided. Tocai Friulano also enjoys drier vineyard sites.


Tasting Notes
Pale gold in color with aromas of creamy citrus. Flavors of citrus blossom mingle with honeysuckle and lightly toasted almond. The wine finishes with lingering notes of creamy meyer lemon curd.


Food Pairing Notes
Tocai Friulano is the perfect match for difficult food pairings such as artichokes and asparagus. It's pairs beautifully with shrimp, scallops, fish, cured meats and any dish that needs a bright refreshment.

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