Savoia 2012

Savoia 2012
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Savoia is a purely Palmina wine first released in 2002. Steve Clifton felt that these three varietals— Nebbiolo, Barbera and Syrah — would interact deliciously together and was confident enough in the blend that he has never changed the percentages. Since the parts of the blend never change, the flavor profile of the wine is vintage driven (as opposed to a stylistic blend that changes year to year) and represents that year's climate conditions in Santa Barbara County.

The iconic symbol on the label is a blend of the Palmina logo and the symbol of the house of Savoy. In the 1400’s, the House of Savoy reigned over both the Piemonte region of Italy and France’s Rhône valley. A blending of cultures indeed.

Inspired by the story and the wines, Steve blended Nebbiolo, Barbera and Syrah to create Savoia. Nontraditional perhaps, but given this history of the name, conceivably the noble Nebbiolo and French Syrah had met before during that long and peaceful dynasty of yore.


Tasting Notes
Rhubarb and black plum on the nose with notes of lavender, forest floor, and hints of baking spice. The palate is silky showing flavors of blackberry, black plum skin, and aged balsamic. The Barbera seems to dominate the flavors this vintage with lush fruit and mouth-watering acidity; the Nebbiolo adds to the texture and aroma; and the Syrah provides weight and mouth-feel in the mid-palate.


Food Pairing Notes
This wine pairs well with grilled meats, crispy pork belly, savory bacon jam, pork loin stuffed with black plums, soft-strong cheeses and mushrooms.

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