Single-Vineyard Nebbiolo Pack
Single-Vineyard Nebbiolo Pack
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What's Included:

2010 Nebbiolo Sisquoc
2010 Nebbiolo Honea
2010 Nebbiolo Rocca

Our current vineyards each have their own distinctive personality, together they belt out a perfectly tuned Italian opera:

Sisquoc: The tenor. The rowdy rebel. Michet clonal selection planted on deep clay, over a gravel base. The deep lay is 3-4 feet down and provides a muscular, aggressive deep color with more depth. Hints of rosemary.

Honea: The soprano. Gorgeous, elegant, and sophisticated. Michet clonal selection planted on a base of limestone and sandy loam. Higher floral notes, bright acid, feminine side of Nebbiolo. Hints of bacon fat, strawberry, and orange rind.

Rocca: The baritone. The muscle and the structure. Top of the hill, mix of sandy loam with calcareous rock. The vineyard is planted to a field blend of Michet and Lampia clonal selections. Elegant tannins with fresh fruit and mellow acidity, with ruby red fruits and red currant.