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We believe good attitude makes good food.


Palmina ProductsThe bounty of Santa Barbara County farms also results in development of some unique Palmina products:  Chipotle Oil, Cugna from Dolcetto juice, Marina Sauce. As with wine, it's all about putting the best "ingredients" together to make a delicious and satisfying product. You will often find these products included in our Tavola "foodie" club shipments!

Our current products include:

Marinara Sauce

Enjoy Palmina's old family recipe made with the freshest high quality ingredients over all your favorite dishes. Serve with love, a glass of wine and great conversation. Click here to purchase.


Flavored Olive Oils - Basil, Chipotle (Seasonal Items)

These olive oils are all infusions, which we hope to vary seasonally. Although flavored olive oils are not extra virgin by definition, these oils vary distinctly from other flavored oils you might find. These were made with milder olive oils that were then milled with the actual ingredient not just a flavoring (which many flavored oils are). Basil leaves, lemons, chipotle peppers are all that give these olive oils their flavor. These oils can be used to sauté veggies, season salad dressings or finish a dish. Click here to purchase.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil2011 Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sta. Rita Hills - SOLD OUT

This blend is comprised of organic Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Maurino varietals that are all grown on small farms here in the Santa Rita Hills. The cool maritime influence that creates the perfect conditions for Burgundian varietals also help to create a bright, aromatic and peppery olive oil. Due to its distinct flavor, this extra virgin olive oil is perfect for dipping, salad dressings and as a finish to a dish. Adding a pinch of salt to the oil also helps to extract more of those subtle flavors.


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