We believe good attitude makes good food.


Bottle BrandingPalmina's philosophy, mission, goals, objectives and mantra are that wine should be an "extension of the plate" – not only food-friendly, but an essential ingredient in a meal. As each new Palmina wine is released, the kitchen becomes the gathering  point with friends, family and colleagues to write the tasting notes and create matching recipes. These are included with each Wine Club shipment and are presented here. Imagine you are sitting around a large virtual table with the Palmina family – enjoying a meal, the wine, a spirited conversation and the celebration of the lifestyle and attitude that is Palmina!

Not only is Santa Barbara County an incredible place to grow grapes and make wine, but also a diverse agricultural region, providing a wide variety of seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, fish, and meats.

The bounty of Santa Barbara County farms also results in development of some unique Palmina products:  Palmina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a cask-aged balsamic vinegar, a range of flavored olive oils, Cugna from Dolcetto juice and local fruits and nuts, as well as a range of sea salt products ranging from a BBQ rub, a finishing salt for risotto and a very relaxing bath salt.  And more in the works!

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